Sunday, February 21, 2010

my heart goes sha la la la la

19th Febuary 2010

Aween's birthday @ Kemensah. Enjoyed the BBQ party + movie.

Guest book.

Awesome garden layout! :)

I love Lillies too!

Aween and her friends.


Usual bunch.

Ze Bday cake.
FYI, it's delicious. Baskin rocks!

The lovely family.

Setting up the projector.

Haha. Yes, off all.. BRUNO! lol


21th Febuary 2010

My new semester is starting tomorrow. boohoo. I really want MORE holidayssss. On a brighter side, it's gonna be a short sem but it also means short time to study, it's like before u know it, it's gonna be the next final exam. pffffttttttttttt. Wouldn't life be easier if I can just marry someone I love and live happily ever after??

Ohh, went to Sunway to buy Armand's Sugar gliders a home and toys and food. Well, it's my first time seeing it. A male and a female, how cute! Honestly, it surprised me that Sugar glider stuff are so expensive. Everything is practically imported. Their wheels can cost you about RM 160? hah. Apparently, the wheels we usually buy for hamsters are way too small for them to play around with. Cant wait to see it glideeeeee! wee

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Guess who's back.

It's been AWHILE! Gosh, I think I totally lost the mojo to blog and I almost forgotten my password while signing in! Okay, I will skip other things and go with the latest.

30th Jan

Steamboat with the usual bunch! :D All in all, it was better than I thought although the bestie couldnt make it due to the jam on MRR2. Oh, and it was a pre-bday dinner too and I like the wine Greg picked for me.

Strawberry Tart from Millennium Hotel. :)

P.S: Apparently, the bf like me

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Surreal Graduation

Jack had his Raffles International College22nd graduation fashion show and exhibition last Tuesday at J.W Marriott. Finally all the hard work paid off well! I'll make this post a short one, for more about the graduation press here. Jack's booth is a skateboard shop concept where he designed the skateboard, trucks, wheels, bearings, packaging, paper-bag, T-shirts, batches, posters and stickers.
The convo.

The Visual Communication students who graduated!
Congrats! :)

His designs.

The skateboard.

Wan Kedah!

Kevin did a great job for his booth.

Customize bicycle.

Customized with swarovski!

The best booth.
(sorry for the sucky picture)

P.S: I did not take much pictures for the event, there were a lot of interesting booth around.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The wheels on the bike go round and round

I feel like I havent been home for the whole freaking week in my first week holiday.
Okay, I totally feel I deserved all the holidays ok? I work hard enough buttttttt I cant believe I dreamt about me FAILING ONE OF MY PAPER. Oh Gawd, dont do that to me pleaseeeeeee. :(

On a brighter side, I meet up with the CBNer's yesterday for Buka at KLCC and my sayang, Nadia Azreen we have to jumpe lagi not enough time to gossip ok semalam! heh

Oh oh, and MONICA is coming back after like 3 years, since she went back to Sarawak after our highschool ended. I cant wait, really. :)

till then,

Monday, September 14, 2009

So long farewell.

11th September

Azreen's final goodbye, buka puasa at her place.
Did not take much picture, waiting for the others to upload.

Homemade Aglio Olio.

Best Shepherds Pie EVER!

Tv time.

P.s: Oh boy, I dont wish the day your farewell comes.

Of birthday outings.

9th September

Celebrated Dicky's Bday at Pavillion. Went to this Chinese Restaurant next to TGIF called Dain Ti Hill but the food was just so-so la.
The bday boy refuse to take a picture.

The 101 pic of him, finally.

His present is inside of that diaper boy. HAHA


I know I havent been updating my blog much due to my exams but fret not, I'm on holidays nowwwwww. :)

5th September

Grandfather's birthday.

The cousin and Aunty came to join my Mom's side family.